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Tomita Catalin TOMESCU



Major General Tomiţă Cătălin TOMESCU was born in Romania on 5 February 1964. Upon graduating from Military High School in 1982, he commissioned into the Armored Branch and graduated first among his peers at the Officers Armored School in 1985. He then began his career as a platoon commander in the Armored Officers School. In April 1990, he was assigned as an Armored company commander in the 20th Armored Regiment and in 1991 he was promoted staff officer in regiment HQ. Following courses at High Military Studies Academy – Army War College between September 1991 and June 1993, he returned to the regiment HQ as operations officer. In July 1994, he was promoted to Captain and appointed as an operations officer in Ops Division (G 3) in Army Staff. After working in the Army HQ for more than six years, he was promoted to Major while filling the position as the Chief of the Special Operations Office within Ops Division. During his time in Army HQ, his activity was combined with the first steps of Romanian military system in the area of partnership for peace program, interoperability requirements, and in the management of the participation of Romanian military under UN, OSCE and NATO different operations in Balkans and Africa, which was the primary task for the Special Operations Office. In October 2000, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed as Commander of the 341st Infantry Battalion, Romanian unit within SEEBRIG (South East European Brigade), which accomplished its Final Operational Capability under his command. In March 2003, he was selected and nominated as the Chief of Staff to 282nd Mechanized Brigade. One of his principal responsibilities was to plan and conduct the selection, preparation, training and rotation of brigade’s battalions, which were designated to participate in operational theaters as Afghanistan and Iraq. From 2004 to 2006 was assigned as the Brigade Deputy Commander, and promoted to Colonel in January 2005. In November 2006, he took command of this prestigious Brigade. Under his command, 282nd Mechanized Brigade passed the Final Operational Capability process. In 2007, this brigade was national certified and confirmed as a NATO brigade. On 13 August 2007, he was promoted Brigadier General. From 1 December 2008 to 10 June 2009, he was assigned as Deputy Director CJ5 Coalition Operation in MNF - IRAQ and Romania’s Senior National Representative in Iraq. Following his assignment in Iraq, he was assigned as the Deputy Romanian Military Representative to NATO and EU in Bruxelles, Belgium until August 2012. In August 2012, he became the Deputy Chief of the J-7/General Staff (Directorate for Training and Doctrine) until December 2013, when he was appointed as the Commander of the 1st Infantry Division “Dacica”. On 24 January 2015, he was promoted to Major General and assumed duties as the DCOM of NRDC – Turkey on 1 October 2015. Noteworthy studies include his attendance to the French Army Staff School – Compiegne, France in 1994; Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College–Kingston, Canada in 1999; Conducting military and peacekeeping missions IAW Rule of Law –US DIILS, Newport, RI, USA in 2003; and NATO Defense College – Rome, Italy, Course 108 in 2006. He has a Master Degree in European Public Space from the National School for Politics and Administrative Studies, Bucharest, 2008 and a PhD in Military Sciences, from National Defence University “Carol I”, 2010. In addition, he completed a one-year post PhD scholarship in 2015, when he wrote a book “Revolution in Military Affairs in post-Cold War era. Transformations at NATO level.” He is associated lecturer of the Romanian National Defense College and of the Romania`s Land Forces Academy. He is married with Alexandrina Simona, and they have two daughters.