1. In addition to these, NRDC-T personnel are required to respect national guidance on this matter. Troop Contributing Nations and Host Nations' procedures are to be applied in any case.


  1. Between 10:00-17:00hrs, citizens (except for those aged 65 and older and those aged 20 and younger) can go to the closest markets, grocery stores, butchers, greengrocers and nuts stores provided that these are limited to meeting their mandatory needs and does not include driving (except for our disabled citizens).

            Between the same hours, markets, grocery stores, butchers, greengrocers and nuts stores will also be able to sell goods as home/address delivery.

            The bakeries and/or bakery-licensed establishments, and the vendors of these establishments that sell only bread and the establishments where there is dessert production/sales (Only bread, bakery and dessert can be sold in these establishments.) will be open.

            People 20 and younger as well as those 65 and older are barred from using public transportation. 

  1. Leaving Turkey, PCR test can be performed in health centers. Leaving Turkey for job related issues, test cost is free. Authorised laboratories can be found in the link below:





  1. As of 18 June 2020, the wearing of face masks has become mandatory in all public areas in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa. Those who don’t abide by this rule will be imposed and administrative fine.


  1. Discotheques and nightclubs across all 81 provinces of Turkey are closed till another announcement. The time restriction of restaurants, cafes, bars is cancelled.


            Places such as Turkish baths, saunas, massage salons, swimming pools, and amusement parks will also halt activities.


  1. Restaurants will operate on a delivery-only basis.


  1. Business such restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls and hair salons will have their operating hours limited to between 10:00 to 20:00hrs.


  1. Airports:












  1. Before travelling intercity, “The HES Code” must be taken from Health Ministry. The link is:


  1. IAW the latest circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, HES Code became mandatory to access all governmental and public buildings in Turkey.

            Everyone will be required to present their individual electronic HES codes to show their infection status – available through a free smartphone app – when entering shopping centers.




  1. Funeral prayers will be performed with a maximum of 30 people, including relatives of the deceased, and weddings will also not exceed this number.

            The number of people who can enter crowded streets and squares will be limited by local authorities.

            House gatherings, including New Year’s Eve celebrations, will not be allowed, as part of the newly announced measures.

















  1. During curfew periods and days (to be applied on weekdays and weekends) intercity

travels will only be allowed in compulsory situations. In such cases the citizens are required to

obtain travel permission from the travel permit boards in the districts and cities. This permission

may also be obtained via ALO 199 line or e-application platforms of the Ministry of Interior.

            Please note that there is not any ban on intercity travels by using public bus, plane, train and ship.

  1. Some sectors, including production, supply, health, and agriculture, will be exempt from the curfews. Some shops that provide home delivery service, such as markets and butchers, will also be excluded from the weekend restrictions.