1. 14 days isolation rule has been eased by the Turkish National authorities as follows;

       - PCR test is a must to join the HQ after international travels.

       - Therefore, all NRDC-T personnel returning from an international travel to Turkey will be tested for COVID-19 and, if the test is negative they will be able to join the HQ.

       - The other personnel, who are coming from abroad  to join an activity or event in HQ NRDC-T, will only be able to enter the base if he/she has a negative test result received within the last for 72 hrs.

       - In such cases, owner of the events in our HQ should inform their counterparts in advance so that they can be tested in their countries before their departure. 

  1. NRDC-T personnel are required to respect national guidance on this matter. Troop Contributing Nations and Host Nations' procedures are to be applied in any case.
  1. Leaving the homes for the public over age 65 has been restricted. The people over 65 years old would be allowed to leave their homes everyday between 10.00-22:00hrs. Citizens 0-18 years old will be allowed go out everyday under the supervision of their parents/guardians.
  1. Leaving Turkey, PCR test can be performed in health centers. The cost of test is 110 TL. Leaving Turkey for job related issues, test cost is free. Authorised laboratories can be found in theLINK

    Test fee will be paid to IBAN number Halkbank Ankara Corporate Branch:

    “TR70 0001 2009 4520 0005 0000 41” Bank receipt will be given to hospital/test laboratory.

  1. As of Thursday, 18 June 20 the wearing of face masks has become mandatory in all public areas in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa. Those who don’t abide by this rule will be imposed and administrative fine.
  1. Discotheques and nightclubs across all 81 provinces of Turkey are closed till another announcement. The time restriction of restaurants, cafes, bars is cancelled.
  1. Turkey will open cafes and restaurants and inter-city travel restrictions will be listed as of June 1 as it eases restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus outbreak.
  1. Apart from cafes and restaurants, also museums, sports facilities, beaches, parks opened.
  1. Airports:

a. The new rules are part of the pandemic certification scheme, which is designed to ensure that airports are taking all necessary precautions against COVID-19.

b. According to the communique, the aviation authority issued, only passengers and their companions will be allowed into the airports while people will not be able to enter the venues to welcome or send-off travelers.

c. All passengers will be required to wear protective face masks.

d. The new rules also forbid cabin luggage, except for laptop computers, handbags and necessary items for toddlers.

e. Passengers with fever, who cough and have respiratory problems will be referred to health care units.

f. In food courts, print menus will be replaced with digital ones and if deemed necessary, the restaurants in airports will be required to provide disposable cutlery, glasses and other items.

g. Social distancing will be strictly observed in the terminal’s security checkpoints and check-in areas.

h. Central ventilation systems will only circulate fresh air inside the venues while the use of playgrounds for children, smoking rooms and prayer rooms may be limited depending on risk assessment.

i. If the operator of the airport fails to comply with those rules, they will be subjected to administrative actions.

j. Passengers will be encouraged to check-in online and use contactless payment methods.

  1. Before traveling intercities, `the HES CODE` must be taken from healt ministry.
  2. What is the HES code? The HES code is a 10 or 12 digit number that you will use to reserve your domestic flights and international flights from Turkey or for ticketing purposes. You can get your personal code via the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile app or by sending a text message to 2023 that includes the following: HES, TR ID No, the last four digits of the serial number on your and the number of days for which HES code should remain valid that there is a single space between all (Example: HES 12345678901 5376 30).
  3. How is the HES code used? The code is used to prevent and slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It provides information to guests who have been exposed to the virus or who have been in contact with Covid-19 patients, and who therefore will not be permitted on the flight, prior to arrival at the airport.
  4. It is a code that allows you to securely share whether you have any risk for COVİD-19 disease. You must show the HES Code when travelling in intercity or abroad. İn this context,information on how to get HES Code can be found at the link

  6. IAW the latest circular issued by the ministry of interior, HES Code became mandatory to access all govermental and public buildings in Turkey.